Tour Packages Mount Bromo – Malang Batu 3 Days 2 Night

Tour Packages Mount Bromo Malang Batu is this tour package is aimed for you who want to enjoy the holiday in tourist place but not much physical activity done like walking.

Mount Bromo Malang Batu

Tour Packages Mount Bromo Malang Batu

Mount Bromo Malang Batu

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Java island located in East Java and is located in 4 districts in East Java, this mount bromo is not only one beauty but there are thousands of natural beauty of the mountains and behind the beauty of Mount Bromo there is an incredible view of the sunrise with the background of Mount Semeru, Mount Batok and Mount Bromo itself.
Not only the sun rises, Bromo crater, desert, savannah, teletabies hill, whispered sand, which can be enjoyed in bromo mountain but there are some other beauty that is still not known by many tourists that is the beauty of the sunset and the Milky Way at night.

Mount Bromo Malang Batu


Mount Bromo Malang Batu City

Malang Batu City is a city that exist in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located in the southwest of the city of Surabaya or in the northwest of Malang City, Batu Town was previously part of Malang Regency and separated from Malang Regency because it was appointed as autonomous city. Batu Town is known as a popular tourist city in East Java because it has the potential of extraordinary natural beauty and the city of Batu itself is given the nickname De Kleine Zwitserland or Little Switzerland in Java.
Places of interest in the famous city of Batu include Jawa Timur Park 1, Jawa Timur Park 2, Batu Secret Zoo, Musium Angkut ( Transportation Museum ), Batu Wonderland, Eco Green Park Batu Night Spectacular ( BNS ), Predator Fun Park, Coban Rondo Waterfall, Sumber Pitu Waterfall, Banyu Anjlok Waterfall, Coban Sewu Waterfall, Kusuma Waterpark, Agrowisata Petik Apel, Balekambang Beach, Sempu Island, 3 Colour Beach ( Pantai 3 Warna), Omah Kayu, Paralayang, Tiban Mosque, Cangar Hot Spring, Goa Cina beach.

Tour Packages Mount Bromo Malang Batu

Jawa Timur Park 1

Jawa Timur Park 1 is a giant interactive laboratory that aims for the science around us. Events of important events such as history, natural wealth of geography in nusantara that will open our horizons and balanced with various exciting attractions that can shake your guts, like a roller coaster or you can stand under a giant water bucket in waterboom waters. Many rides that support education include biology, physics, sociology, and even mathematics History is there, so not only your brain is absorbing know ledge but your body will also feel the application of science in all the attractions that exist. In total there are 15 attractions in Jawa Timur Park 1 is Roller coaster ( Superman Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Caterpillar Coaster ), Educational-ethnic attractions, Waterpark.

Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park 2 is a place that aims to introduce wildlife that never or rarely can we see it directly in the wild, not less than 1,000 species of wildlife and 10,000 insects can be witnessed in the largest and most comprehensive museum of wildlife in Indonesia, Know and studied the history of the world with replicas of dinosaur bones, the evolution of mammals for hundreds and even thousands of years, to watch closely the small insects that escape the human eye.
Dioramas of prehistoric animals, predators of the Pole, species of insects are preserved, to the variations of birds flying above us. The Wildlife Museum presents the animals preserved in their natural habitat so we can observe them more closely. Not only visually, each animal is given specific information that helps them understand.

Musium Angkut

The true mode of transportation is part of civilization, each mode can represent changes and lifestyles of their time. So it is not enough just to present the vehicle at the exhibition. Museum Angkut revives the function and identity of each vehicle with the interior design of the room is made as closely as possible with the conditions in the original era. The Angkut Museum also holds festivals and parades that complement the travel dimuseum. Walking in the Museum Angkut Tub walk from time to time that can be felt.

Mount Bromo Malang Batu ( Musium Angkut )

For classic car lovers, fans of Hollywood movies, history lovers, and photography lovers you can now find homes for expression at Museum Angkut. With an area of ​​nearly four hectares, this is the first transportation museum in Southeast Asia. Not only enjoy the history of every car from the first transportation or car President of the Republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia) to Buckingham Palace in England, Museum of Transport also designed a slick interior for photography.

Include Tour Packages Mount Bromo Malang Batu :

– Private Car Minibus for whole trips ( licensed driver , fuel, private car with AC, toll ticket, parking )
– 4WD Jeep Bromo for Sunrise Tour
– Bromo Sunrise Tour
– All entrance to the National Park Bromo, Musium Angkut, Coban Rondo Waterfall, Labirin, Petik Apel, Jatimpark 2 Screet Zoo, Selecta / Taman Bunga
– 1 night Hotel in Bromo & 2 night Hotel in Malang
– Daily Breakfast
– Driver’s meals & accommodations
– Mineral water is available in the car

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Tour Packages Mount Bromo Malang Batu