Price Mount Bromo Tour Packages

Price Mount Bromo Tour Packages, Mount Bromo include active volcano in East Java Indonesia and always issue sulfur smoke. Visitors to use the mask and not too close because of the risk of shortness of breath and fall into the hole crater.

Price Mount Bromo Tour Packages

Price Mount Bromo

Starting the activities in the early morning to enjoy the stunning sunrise from the view point. Around the mount Bromo and mount Batok will looked cool mist wrapped so that make the scenery very beautiful.

The location of Mount Bromo on the border of Malang , Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang regency in East Java with an altitude of 2,399 MASL.

There are several legends and history of Mount Bromo in accordance with the story of the local community of indigenous Tengger tribe who are predominantly Hindus.

Mount Bromo tour

Many foreign and domestic tourists come to bromo mountain because want the beauty view sunrise. If you plans go to bromo mountain then prepare warm clothes, trekking shoes and jackets because the tour starts in the early morning by using a hardtop jeep to go to the view point of the sunrise.

The view point 1 that has a height of 2,700 meters above sea level, so it will feel very cold. So, prepare a warm suit and jacket before you go on this trip.

Choise tour Operator of Mount Bromo

There are many tour organizers, they will offer trip bromo with very cheap price but the accommodation they prepare is homestay and exclude ticket. So,they can lure customers in group or couple.

So, about the price of the actual tour depends on what facilities they provide. Whether the tour they prepared have a legality with the maximum service as many tour operators sell packages at very cheap prices.

Before booking a trip, make sure what’s included and excluded, accommodation and service.

Price Mount Bromo Tour Packages