Trowulan Mount Bromo Tour Packages

Trowulan Mount Bromo Tour Packages, this tour package is a combination of historical tours about the largest kingdom with the most beautiful mountains found in Indonesia is Mount Bromo.

Trowulan Mount Bromo Tour Packages

trowulan mount bromo

This historical tour is still closely linked with Bromo mountain tourism, according to history when this majapahit kingdom collapsed the residents and the royal family moved to the island of Bali through the mountains one of which is tengger or bromo mountain.

Relics of Majapahit Kingdom in Trowulan

Trowulan is a lowland area situated between the mountains and the north coast of Java. There are three mountains close to the area are Mount Welirang, Anjasmoro and Penanggungan. In addition there is the largest river in east Java is the river Berantas, so this area became very straregis in the past and fertile soil makes this area served as the center of the city by majapahit kingdom. According to the description of Chinese literature that tells to reach the location of the Majapahit kingdom must along the winding river.

Facility Trowulan Mount Bromo Tour Packages :

  • Private car minibus for whole trips ( licensed driver, fuel, private car with AC, toll ticket, parking )
  • 4WD jeep for Bromo Sunrise Tour
  •  All entrance to the National Park Bromo & Ijen Crater
  •  Local guide for Ijen Blue Flame Tour
  • 1 night Hotel in Bromo, 1 night Hotel in Ijen
  • Bromo Sunrise Tour & Ijen blue flame tour
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Driver’s meals & accommodations
  • Mineral water is available in the car


  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch & Dinner


Trowulan Mount Bromo Tour Packages

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