The Amazing Temple in East Java

The Amazing Temple in East Java , If speak the amazing temple, you will focus the largest and most beautiful temple in Indonesia is Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta. In addition, if speak East Java / Surabaya and vice versa, you must think of the beauty of Mount Bromo, Mt Semeru and Ijen Crater that has been famous to the corners of the world.

The Amazing Temple in East Java

The Amazing Temple

Many people forget or ignorance of the origin of the existence of existing temples on the island of Java. Actually the center of the Hindu and Buddhist religion is located in East Java which is the center of the big kingdom in history in Indonesia.

Majapahit Kingdom which is the largest empire that has the power of its territory until China and is the most prosperous kingdom and growing in his time. Along with the history of work that exists in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, if the kingdom is lose to fight and controlled by new the kingdom then the palaces of the old kingdom will be destructed. The Majapahit kingdom is famous for its splendor.

The relics of Majapahit work is not all destroyed but there are still some remaining relics such as Temple, the original house of the royal population and some object relics of the kingdom. In the district Trowulan Mojokerto district which is the area of ​​the kingdom so there are many historical relics of majapahit kingdom a kept inside the museum to maintain its sustainability.

Some Temples Relics of Majapahit Kingdom is : 

  1.  Wringin Lawang Temple
  2.  Jolotundo Temple
  3.  Kedaton Temple
  4.  Kesiman Temple
  5.  Bajang Ratu Temple
  6.  Bangkal Temple
  7.  Brahu Temple
  8.  Jedong Temple
  9. Tikus Temple

There is also a sleeping Buddha Statue which is the third largest buddha sleeping statue in the world. The statue created in 1993 by YM Virhanadi Maha Tera. This sleeping Buddha statue is in the Buddhist temple complex for worshipers. On the other side is also in this complex, there are miniature Borobudur Temple and Buddha Statues are small.

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The Amazing Temple in East Java