Asmara Beach Tour Package

Asmara Beach Tour Package – Asmara beach is a beach located in southern malang and is one of the new tourist destinations in southern Malang with views of small island islands that surround the beach. There is a small islands around the beach, so it has a resemblance to Raja Ampat in Papua. The sprawling white sand makes this beach so amazing. There are several large hills that surround the beach to become a tourist attraction. The view from the top of the hill looks nicer to enjoy the beach romance. By walking about 20 – 25 minutes to get to the point of view from the top of the hill. When up on the hill will look more beautiful and can watch the sunset from this place. A good time to enjoy it in the afternoon. The beach is also friendly for swimming but only on the edge only.

Asmara Beach Tour Package

Asmara Beach tour package

Day 1

The journey will start from Surabaya which will be continued to Malang city with long journey about 3 hours driving. Stay in Malang City to prepare for the trip tomorrow in the morning because to go to Asmara beach is still about 3 hours drive.

Day 2

Wake up at 6.30 am to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant and start the journey to Asmara beach at 7.30 am by using the vehicle we have prepared previously about 3 hours. Arrive at Asmara beach enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach with a stretch of white sand and small islands located around the beach similar to Raja Ampat in Papua. Once satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Asmara beach then it’s time to return to the hotel in Malang to rest or continue to some tourist attractions in the Malang Batu city.

Day 3

After breakfast time to continue the journey to Surabaya or continue the next journey such as Mount Bromo or Ijen Crater and Asmara beach tour ends.

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Asmara Beach Tour Package