Mount Bromo Ranu Agung Tour Package

Ranu Agung Lake is one of the best lake in Probolinggo district of East Java. The formation of the Ranu Agung lake is caused by the eruption of Lemongan Mountain which until now the status still active. If observed Ranu Agung lake looks like a basin like a former crater. We have package combination mount bromo ranu agung tour package.

Mount Bromo Ranu Agung Tour Package

Mount Bromo Ranu Agung Tour Package

This place still awake naturalness so the water in this place feels very cool and also still very clear. There is a high cliffs on the side of the lake so make this place look very beautiful like a painting with a background of high towering lemongan mountain. Every tourist who visited this lake feel at home and want to linger long in this place.

The Activity you can  be done is to walk around the lake by using a raft boat. Raft boat is a boat made of bamboo arrangement wrapped around a rope to form a board. Aboard a raft boat you can take pictures from various angles. Advice if raft boat ride to get around the lake should be more careful because it is deep enough in the middle of the Lake. In this location you can enjoy the beauty of the lake with a very beautiful cliff.

In addition to enjoying the natural scenery of a calm and charming lake, you will also be presented with panoramic views of Mount Lemongan quite clearly. Not a few also, visitors who come to take time to selfie in the middle of the lake while riding a boat raft.

Location The Lake

The location of Ranu Agung Lake is slightly hidden unlike the tourist attractions in general which can be reached easily by using the vehicle. The route to climb is quite uphill through a series of unspoiled forests. The ranu agung lake has no facilities such as toilets, musholla, restaurants etc.

The absence of buildings around the lake makes this place well maintained. For travelers who love the natural scenery with a challenging terrain this place is highly recommended. In accordance with its name is located in the village of Ranu Agung, Tiris District, Probolinggo regency, East Java. You will be treated to scenery of beautiful hills so the trip does not feel tiring.

This tourist spot can be combined with Mount bromo, Madakripura waterfall, Rafting and snorkeling which is still one location.

Mount Bromo Ranu Agung Tour Package