Surabaya Tour Package

Surabaya Tour Package is a package destinations tourism on Surabaya city, that is mount bromo, ijen crater and Surabaya heroes city tour. A lot foreign and local tourist interest come to surabaya only to visit mount bromo and ijen crater.

The actually Surabaya has history about the establishment of the Indonesian state. All about the struggle of independence indonesian state which start from Surabaya.

Surabaya Tour Package

Tourism Destination :

Historical Sites :

  1. House Of Sampoerna 

    The location in old Surabaya Dutch colonial – style building complex was built in 1862 and is currently a historic site that was preserve originally use as the Putra Orphanage manage by the Dutch government. The complex was purchase in 1932 by Sampoerna’s founder of Sampoerna cigarette factory.

    The first to date complex still functions as a factory to produce Indonesian kretek cigarettes central auditorium currently functions as a museum and shop.

    Originally use as an orphanage manage by the Dutch colonial government, in 1932 the building complex was purchase by Liem Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna.

    The objects display are a collection of various historic items from the Sampoerna family and their efforts such as vintage rolls royce, traditional kebaya blouses that have been pass down through several generations, and tools use to produce cigarettes.

  2. Submarine Museum 

    Submarine Monument is a submarine museum located in Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya. The location in central city, this monument is a Pasopati 410 KRI submarine, one of the Soviet-made Indonesian Republic Navy fleets in 1952. The submarine was once involved in the Battle of the Aru Sea to liberate West Irian from Dutch occupation.

    The submarine was then taken ashore and made a monument to commemorate the courage of Indonesian heroes. The location of monument at Pemuda street, right next to Surabaya plaza. In addition, in this place there is also a film screening, where the process of warfare that occurs in the Aru Sea is display.

  3. Heroes Monument ( Tugu Pahlawan )

    This monument is as high as 41.15 meters in the form of a phallus or an inverted nail. The body of the monument is in the form of 10 arches ( Canalures ) and is divide into 11 segments. Height, sections, and canalures contain the meaning of 10th, the 11th month and the year 1945. A historic date, not only for the residents of Surabaya, but also for entire Indonesian people.

    Heroes monument was built to commemorate events of the battle of November 10, 1945 in Surabaya. Where Surabaya young pepople ( Arek – Arek Suroboyo ) fight against allied force with the Dutch who were about to re-colonize Indonesia. Heroes monument is the center of attention every November 10, recalling the events of 1945 when many heroes were kill in the war of independence.

  4. Museum Perjuangan 10 November

    Museum 10 November was built to strengthen the existence of Heroes Monument. The museum building consists of two floors on the first floor use for cast of 10 statues that symbolize the spirit of the struggle people of Surabaya and Bung Tomo’s oration on second floor of auditorium. 

Nature :

  1. Mount Bromo 

    The location in Probolinggo city, 100 kilometers to the east of Surabaya or 3 hours by car. Bromo mountain have a very beautiful natural landscape and behind. Its one extraordinary sight in this place against is sunrise with backdrop of mt bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.

    Mount bromo which is an icon of East Java is include in the list of the best mountains in Indonesia which has the most beautiful of sunrise in Indonesia.

  2. Ijen Crater 

    The location in Bondowoso districts, this place have its own beauty that is blue fire. The blue flame can be see only at night until morning. Best time to see the natural phenomena of blue fire, which is at dawn at 01:00 am until 04:30 am.

    You can also see beautiful of sunrise from top of ijen crater and after sunrise you will see the beauty of lake with green water in the middle of ijen crater. At the bottom of  crater, you will see the traditional minner activity by local people.


Surabaya Tour Package

Combination :