Tengger Tribe in Mount Bromo Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has many natural beauty place. Also has diverse cultures and tribes so many foreign tourists who come to Indonesia. Tengger tribe in mount bromo Indonesia does not attract many foreign tourists to know the culture and tribe in mount bromo area. They are not aware of the existence of culture and tengger tribe in mount bromo area still awake until today. The beauty of mount bromo will make the tourists forget for about original people live there.

Tengger Tribe in Mount Bromo Indonesia

tengger tribe

Some uniqueness and daily activities the existence in mount bromo area.

Daily Activities of Tengger people

The activities performed by tengger people is vegetable farmer, in the morning they will go to the fields to grow crops or cultivate the land and so on until the afternoon. So don’t be surprised if in the daytime their house looks no occupants because all will go to the fields ( men and women ). They has prepared lunch from their house in the morning and they din’t have to go home for lunch. So that allows them to go home in the afternoon.

When the afternoon came it was time to return home and feel tired after a day working in the fields. They are no get sleep soon, gather with family in the kitchen to just drink coffee while telling stories and doing gegeni. Gegeni is the activity of warm the body using a fire in traditional stove. Gegeni activity is always done by tengger tribe people at night before sleep.

Some of them will wake up early to drive a jeep, take the tourists to the view point in mount penanjakan for about 40 minutes drive by jeep.

Religion and Culture

Hindus is a religion of tengger people  and a small of part the islam religion but they live in harmony. As a Hindu, tengger tribe is not like hindus in general, has temples as a place of worship, but when performing worship located in punden, danyang and poten.

Yadya Kasada is a ceremony day for Sang Hyang Widhi perform every month on 14th day of Java calendar, the ceremony offering for Sang Hyang Widhi and ancestors.


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Tengger Tribe in Mount Bromo Indonesia