Jatim Park 3 Malang Batu City

This new tourist attraction is the latest breakthrough from Jatim Park Group is this Jatim Park 3 Malang Batu City, this place provides education to visitors as well as entertainment, arguably edutainment. thus inviting the younger generation to know and love Indonesia.
Rides in Jawa Timur Park 3 ( Jatim Park 3 ) :

Jatim Park 3 Malang Batu City

Dino Park

There is a beautiful and beautiful park resembling the original 6.5 hectares of ancient forest filled with giant species of giant dinosaurs that can move. Visitors can learn about dinosaurs such as names, species, food and habitats.

In this place you can get around using a train that has been provided with a capacity of 50 people to explore the 5 era gallery so that it becomes an exciting and unforgettable experience. Visitors will be taken around in the park where Dinosaurs can move.

In addition to this place there are other rides that are The Jungle, 3D Animation, Live With Dino and there is also a foodcourt is quite comfortable.

Dino Down Town

Is a miniature city that is made very detailed once, equipped with a shopping center building, urban centers and offices. Here you will find some dinos hanging around.
In this 2 hectare area you will spend time traveling for about 3 hours to enjoy this Dino Down Town.

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Jatim Park 3 Malang Batu City