Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour Packages

Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour Packages is the latest packages we have between snorkeling and mount bromo, this is a combination of unusual or very contradictory attractions between the beauty of sand beaches on a small island along with natural beauty under the sea of ​​coral reefs that are still natural on the island of Gili Ketapang probolinggo in mix with the natural beauty of the mountains famous for the beauty of the rising sun, Savana, Crater is still active and the expanse of Sand in bromo mountain.

Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour Packages

Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour Packages

The beauty of the sunrise at bromo mountain attracts many foreign and local tourists to visit this place. a blend of mountain and beach tourism on a small island has the charm that amazes the natural beauty makes an unforgettable experience, the residents on this island still maintain the conservation of nature and culture because of the existence of this island is separated from the island of Java to get to the island of Gili Ketapang Probolinggo we use a traditional boat owned by local residents who are in use by people around for everyday transportation.

Gili Ketapang island in Probolinggo city has 2 parts that can be visited and have a different beauty. The west side Gili Island has a very stunning white sand beach and the eastern island is a beach with a stretch of coral reef below it ( sea park ).

Fasility Package Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour :


  • Privat Transport for whole trip ( driver, fuel, tol, parking )
  • All Entrace to the Bromo National Park
  • 1 night Hotel nearby Mount Bromo
  • Jeep for Sunrise tour
  • Bromo Sunrise Tour
  • Traditional Boat ( Go and Back )
  • Snorkeling at Gili Ketapang island
  • Snorkling Equipment
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch after Snorkeling
  • Mineral Water 600 ml


  • Personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Horse riding in mount bromo

Other Tour Package Options :


Mount Bromo Snorkeling Tour Packages