Stargazing On Mt Bromo Indonesia

Stargazing On Mt Bromo Indonesia by Camping – The collection of stars in the galaxy into a single unit that looks very beautiful. You can be captivate by the splendor of the sky and landscape. The beauty of Milky Way in mt bromo area can be see directly but more beauty if use DSLR or Mirrorless camera. The Milky Way will be visible if the circumstances surrounding it are dark. Use binoculars and DSLR cameras to clearly see the collection of stars that make up the Milky Way.

Stargazing On Mt Bromo Indonesia by Camping

It’s time to show of your astrophotography skills, as this is an opportunity for you to capture stunning night scenes at Mount Bromo. This natural phenomenon can be see from mount bromo camping ground area because not much light contained in this area. There are have two locations to take picture of milky way from sea of sand and mount penanjakan.

Program :

Day 1

  • The tour will starting from pick up you in Surabaya airport, hotel or train station, then drive to Cemoro Lawang village by private transport ( provided by our company ) for about 3 hours driving. Take a look at the hospitality, warmly from our team and local people ( tengger tribe local people ) greet you
  • Arrive in Cemoro Lawang village ( last village in bromo area ) check in at homestay to preparing camping. Save your luggage in homestay and bring important item
  • Leave homestay by using 4WD jeep to go to Camping ground in Mt Penanjakan for about 30 minutes
  • Arrive in camping ground, enjoy the scenery and our team will set the tent a few mintes and rest
  • Take picture and enjoy Sunset from camping ground and rest
  • At night, this time to starting the stargazing tour, preparing set your camera and enjoy the beauty of milky way until finish.
  • Rest

Day 2

  • Wake up early to see the beauty of sunrise from camping ground area. Enjoy the beauty of sunrise with background Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and Mount Batok until finish.
  • Packing and go to down by using 4WD jeep to go to Bromo Crater a cross sea of sand
  • Jeep will park 1 Km before crater, you can walk or rent horse to go to crater
  • Enjoy the phenomenon active vulcano, take picture until finish and back to the jeep
  • Jeep will take you back to Cemoro Lawang, have breakfast in local restaurant and back to homestay
  • Take to rest

Day 3

  • At night leaving homestay to go to another spot to take milky way by using 4WD jeep
  • It’s time to take the best shots and expend your astrophotography abilities, as this is the last night for you to capture the amazing night scenery on Mount Bromo. Capture beautiful celestial bodies using the tools you have. Keep it up, because we will stay until sunrise. Congratulations to part with beautiful Mount Bromo.
  • Transfer to Surabaya Airport and Home Sweet Home

NB : 

  1. Please asking to me when the season
  2. The milky way season starting from February until October ( Please ask to me the best time to tak milky way )

Stargazing On Mt Bromo Indonesia

Stargazing On Mt Bromo Indonesia by Camping